About Us

Our Mission

To empower all young people, especially those who need us most,
to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible individuals.

​For almost 70 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of Hamilton has delivered outcome-driven experiences that enrich kids’ lives by impacting ​ACADEMIC SUCCESS, ​CHARACTER & CITIZENSHIP and HEALTHY LIFESTYLES. We support and provide active learning, academic and career pathways and creative learning environments.


Safe & Positive Environment:

From the moment you walk into one of our Clubs, you notice our safe facilities, our professional Club staff and the abundance of positive programs. We aim to make every day one where each Club member feels safe enough to grow physically and emotionally, to trust and to have a chance to truly be themselves.


Our days start and end with fun. Fun is always the first thing we want members to feel when they enter our Clubs. Fun makes everything else seem easy, and it’s a guiding force for all of the Club staff and volunteers as it creates a sense of belonging for members. Fun, at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hamilton isn’t an option, it’s a requirement.


Supportive Relationships:

There is a special bond that happens between Club members and Club staff. These bonds are meaningful and filled with warmth, caring, appreciation, acceptance and proper guidance. Club members know that when they’re at the Club, they a


Opportunities & Expectations:

While at the Club, youth acquire physical, social, technological, artistic and life skills. These skills play a vital part in the great futures ahead and are built upon high expectations set by the Club staff. The opportunities that Club youth are presented throughout high school, college and professional life can often be attributed to the three simple rules at our Clubhouses: Respect Club Staff; Respect Club Members; Respect Club Equipment.



Every day, week, month and year, Club members are recognized for their achievements. The positive contributions that our Club members make never go unnoticed and are always praised. Whether it is a simple high five, a Youth of the Month award, or our ultimate honor—a Youth of the Year nomination—our Club staff makes it an integral part of every day to showcase the achievements of our amazing members.



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